Tuesday, March 20

Books v. Cigarettes

A GOOD DAY with the sun beating down and cool cool air that made one feel as if they were in an aeroplane. We first went to a number of clothes shops where she wished to look for shoes—modest black flat pumps for work—and I did my best not to put her off. Both of us agreed that we did not find it agreeable to shop with other people. After she gave up on the pumps, we went to my favourite bookshop. She was looking around for something to read and so was I, occupied with a small paperback over a display. She walked over, studied the display then picked up a book and said—‘You have to get this.’ I already had it in my hands. ‘You know what,’ said I, ‘I think I’ll get this.’ ‘Books versus cigarettes,’ she said. ‘Just right for you.’ As I said, it was a good day with the sun beating down and cool cool air wafting into your clothes.

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