Thursday, July 19

First Draft

I’ve finished the first draft of the first part of – what I’m calling – my ‘novel’. This is one short story/novella that will go with a few others. It has taken me a long time but I am quite happy with it. Next I will print it out, read it through, highlight passages/sentences that need reworking and edit it; I don’t expect to edit too much, just, perhaps, to add. I thought, when I began this forty-five-odd days ago, that I would hate it by now, but I don’t. This is the reason I have been a little distant from this blog. I have some other story ideas in my mind that I am trying to firm up, then I will begin again. I must admit: this whole exercise is lending my life a little purpose.

P.S. All those red underlinings are either words I've made up (fuck off! poetic license!), or tragic reminders of how America, though progressing technology, has fucked up the English language.

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