Sunday, August 5

Couple of Requests

In one week I have been requested two paintings and one website design. That doesn’t usually happen. Fortunately, I have a week off work (except for a voluntary visit to the office I am making Monday morning; only to be followed by a long walk & some CD & book shopping) in which to satisfy all customers.

They both offered money in return for my services. I had to decline, because I’m so fucking noble like that (read: not good enough to be paid for doing things I enjoy). Besides, they are sending packages/prints and I can’t put a value on such gestures – for me, post is priceless. The website needs to be ‘clean & clear’, like my skin, and the paintings should be in the style of these right here – colourfully described as: ‘really fucking brilliant.’

Which is coincidental because I am really fucking excited.

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