Sunday, August 5

Untitled (undecided)

taught she me
about sex
on a bed
made of university springs

and plaits she
done made prior
to turn on me,
as I’d mentioned before –

she sued my
,some roll ups
& vodka, burned toast;

she peeled back
clothes my there
back my skin
and ruffled my ruffled hair

then to her
mouth did bring
what was hers
not mine, as a microphone to sing

so sing did she
for time without
hands, the purple
blue she traced veins over me

work working
a day’s sweat
& a day’s pee
she’g nored, spitting on me

with saliva
she kept
spitting spit
on my horseshoe thimble pink

then there
go let did i
bursts into ’er eager throat

(spelled different
ways) come
(or cum) lay
then lost on her tongue

aimed up to
paint her palate;
though some wild
beast am I who saves for two nights

enough to
feed her in
the convulsions I
her breathing disturbed

having had
her fill
she flicks
the prick I am not is waving

out her lips
still I-we-it
shoot and measure
white lines o'er her woven plaits

(swallowed, then I
see her smile)
and she giggles
her arse to the bathroom

and I
sigh and too I laugh
with taps that were plumbed for this night.

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