Monday, September 17

Things I like about the winter months

Being able to listen to Springsteen’s Nebraska again / cold, bright days with steam running out of mouths / no more sweating / I’ve always imagined I’d meet the Love Of My Life in winter / condensation on the insides of windows / Guy Fawkes / bonfires comprised entirely of dead leaves / frost / the feeling that the northern hemisphere is dead / rosy-cheeked women / lying in bed at night watching documentaries on Arctic wildlife / having to put a fleece on when I go out for a fag / walks / reading Hunger by Knut Hamsun / reading Franny & Zooey at Christmas / it’ll be easier to get a seat outside cafes when the temperature drops and everyone rushes inside / Christmas decorations / how excited my mum gets about Christmas / doing my best to survive until the solstice / making it to new year’s / the ice rink they set up in B— Circle and the schoolchildren who visit it / darkness / skeletal trees / The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan / hungover cigarettes / women in coats / everyone with pale skin / red lipstick seems more appealing in winter / watching Royal Tenenbaums / Christmas specials / roast potatoes / lighting the fire in my own house and seeing the smoke from chimneys as other people light theirs / apple & blackberry crumble / Christmas parties / Bookends by Tom & Jerry / Barkingside funerals in the snow / my bed / the wind off the sea / Indian summers / walks along a deserted beach / watching Twin Peaks / eating a hot curry off my knees as my arse slowly numbs on the freezing market bench / Boxing Day / the twenty-first of December

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