Friday, December 28

A Stroll On Boxing Day Gone

a stroll on boxing day gone A strip of
steps I daisied (hobblin) without
care nor love nor festive cheer yet:
right chuck worn through centre
some foamy shuck grey to fret my
feet stayed over a puddle hereorthere

(1)how old?legal, I suppose, but not her:
the side at her dog, a trembling pup,
not tall her than a knee so
I stopped
& watched & she watched me
watch ‘cause in love with her
or the pupping day boxy
was I, the toilet a little thing
trailed around the corner

(2)o bless, the nan waiting nan’s wait
this toddler in fancy dress monster
bended with bented knees to
pick, his chubby fingers delicate,
a selection of
for his lightweight pockets
worthless nameless stones but now
stones with a nan and an owner
he picked so careful
from so washed-up ashore

in very brown colours (3)and
sat the viewing houses a couple
huddled ‘pon varnished wood, her tits
pomped & pride they chatted
n when I walked they laughed
n when I passed they
blinked repetitiously and stark
glared like love taking first steps

(4)‘dn worry – she won bite you
she’s just lookin fbiscuits.’ Alsatian
greyn at the fringes, such elegant legs
I only I wanted to sniff at her
only to sniff her shoulders
‘loads’ says
I & we laugh away from each other
She slowly shaking her hipbone

(5)the gulls seagulls hang circles in
the air Quietly eloping back n forth
like flakes of pepper in a glass of
water, (pine needles mushed to
pavement, hello,
we were erect)
we lie here now.

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