Monday, December 24

First Writing Credit?

‘I have been meaning to talk to you about our video. I think you already know that it will be in a show at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey (my first museum show ever) in January, but this past week it was on view at a pretty big art fair in Miami, and in February it will be in a group show in Berlin that I am curating. Apparently, it is not tacky for me to put my own work in a show that I am curating. It feels weird to me, but the gallery insists that I do, so whatevaaa. It will also be at another art fair in New York in the spring, and I have submitted it to the SXSW Film Festival, which is a pretty terrific one. I hope it gets in. The reception has been very good. My gallery has already sold 2 DVDs from the edition of 100, and I'd like to split whatever I make with you. I'm not sure how to pay you, probably with a bank transfer or something? I know you won't want me to, but I can't accept money for it without sharing it with you. Regardless, I won't be paid for like, six months anyway, so we can fight about this later.’

I cannot wait to show this movie to you all. It’s really something else & I am ecstatic to have been a part of it. Unfortunately, due to exhibitions & such I cannot present it to you just yet.

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