Sunday, February 24

Found In The Inside Cover Of 'Last Exit To Brooklyn'

IT WAS A COLD, dry day and the city was quiet. I sat outside the café and could feel the couple in the window looking at me. It was too cold to be sat outside, but outside there was no one else about. I rubbed my hands together to keep them warm. The couple was staring at me, I could feel it. I checked: they were staring at me. The wind blew. Snow was trying to fall, though only a few flakes made it.
I am miserable. The cold weather and the loneliness suited me just fine.
I went into the charity bookshop. The girl behind the till looked up from whatever she was reading. She was young but she was beautiful. A girl with a good book in her hands is always beautiful. She was all jaw and blonde hair and timid eyes. She was made for a charity bookshop till.
They had some good new donations in. I looked at the literary fiction section. Mostly I was interested in the hardbacks; I don’t own enough hardbacks. One day I would like to only own hardbacks.
The girl stared at me. I wondered what her problem was. I just wanted to do my business and get out of there.
A weathered hardback caught my eye. When I checked the price on the inside cover a 35mm print almost fell out. How strange that someone should leave a print in there. I studied it, but then felt as if it was a secret so I snapped the book shut. I would buy the book, only for the print, though I would have to pay on card. I went upstairs, found some vinyl then went back to her – bypassing the upstairs’ till – to use her.
She was lovely up close.
I had the print.

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