Friday, March 29

A Note In A Blaise Cendrars Novel

I thought it would be very uncharacteristic of me to refrain from giving you a book that wasn’t literature. So here it is. Hopefully you will read this note on a train or a plane and I won’t have to deal with the awkwardness of the occasion. The truth is that I have never given someone a book that is not only my own but one that holds such sentimental weight for me. If I had five desert island books, this would be one of them. Though – as you will deduce – I cannot relate to all the content, I find the style and voice sublime. I really hope you like it. It is still a gospel of mine that I refer to constantly. I will have to buy a new copy.
Please do not underestimate the gesture of me giving this to you.
I am really glad to have met you. I hope I will meet you again; as soon as fate will allow. You are all kinds of wonderful and I am so grateful to have spent such times with you. Whenever I was with you, I was happy and that does not happen at all often. Thank-you.
Enjoy the book. I want to see you again, if you will see me.

With love,

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