Wednesday, March 6

Abide The Eyes

abide the eyes
I found
in hollow dents

whatever was
left of
me, no more

than I had to
begin with
so I dozed )as a

breakfast maid
dished out
my eccles cake

today the fantastic
in one place

rotting the loyalty
to life
the rotting flavour

;a nothing like the
the bad
breath in a sigh;

add shadows to my
life where
you see fit and I

shall enjoy them,
hide in
them, and cease.
Since the surprisingly good feedback I received from my last reading [BBC accent], I, at about quarter-to-three on Saturday night, decided to record me reading this poem. I think poems are always open to interpretation as to how they’re read, but this is how I read it. And I’m always right.

Duration: 00:33

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