Sunday, March 31

Staring Competition Champion

on the train at Colchester a warmth purple of out the cold
staring there stare at me a small baby not two months
bulbous blue eyes a she dressed in small clothes.

I stared back n she stared n she won n kept staring to win.
ventually I smiled n she kept just on staring(gloating)
finally her ol dear picked her up gurgled and played her

on dedicated knee, the baby bounced against the rushing
scenery – then the ol man had a go n they both laughed
n she was everything to her parents n o’er the years

loveliness there would get rubbed off n off n off until she
was at a desk or somewhere bland sayn I wanna kid
so her husband came in her till a kid came out just to be

everything in their universe winning staring competitions

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