Thursday, August 15

Untitled Piece on Tan-Lines

Weekend in the country
The harassing slight of August
came blow-to-blow with
the fiveoclock o’ her friday

A humming p.c. laid to sleep
Ignition keys reunion to her
husband along the starched
motorway in search a place)

she gets out, stretches her
arms up overhead & sighs
the sight( in once, coolbags
unpacked) A time for the

sun, uncomfortable sleep
snuck between the wake
of wild sounds & piss that as sounds
aren’t much at all but Earth

The stars uninterruptedly
beep A cooked good breakfast
became pearls in the lake
that had glass a twin

Sweet knees on the grass
over bright pebble heads & joy
like a month A scruff of weed
plucked picked & sniffed

Dazed free—she bathes on
her front beside old friends
who remind her of other friends
or places who sober kept grace

pink Salmon fillet for Sunday
nine a.m. before the gnats stir
Dusty shine car packed up
to block the rearview mirror

our month of young woman
reclines into the homely bosom
stretches once more; greeting
the quilt of fields that surround

her, & so the first shower in
three days is followed all too
eagerly by the study of the winged
white over her perfect bum.

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