Tuesday, September 24

Moving-in Card

Dear R—.

You have been under our ‘feet’ for the past 28 years & you are now leaving us to start what I hope will be an exciting & adventurous stage in your life. I believe you are doing this at the right time as I feel you will be able to embrace & enjoy your new found freedom.
   There is no doubt I will miss you dreadfully. Apart from the dogs (of which you come second), you have been the most constant in our lives.
   I will miss your banter & sense of humour @ the dinner table, as well as your miserable face. I will miss your odd laugh (which sounds very much like Justin’s [my cousin]) when you watch something funny. And I will miss the sound of your ‘distant’ guitar playing (if you had been in the room above the living room, you would have been thrown out long before)! I could go on forever about you but thething I will miss most is not having ‘my son’ around!
   You will always be my soon & as long as I live, I will always love & worry about you (in that order). We have told you this before, but please do not hold anything in. If you feel down, share it with someone. Dad & I – even your brothers, will always be here for you. Anytime you need us, we will be there in a flash.
   Have fun in your new home my darling & finally live your life. We look forward to coming over for dinner & visiting you. Make sure you have plenty of Prosecco & Sauvignon Blanc in.
   I love you lots
Dear R—,

Well after 28 years you’re finally leaving the next. I am not going to repeat everything Mum has written but agree with everything she says (for once!)
   I would ask you to always remember we are here for you. If you have any worries or issues please, please give me a call or e-mail. I will not hesitate to respond & can be with you within 2 hours (unless we are on one of our many holidays).
   I am really proud of you & all my boys & know you will do well in this new Chapter of your life.
   I will miss you lots, son, who will I watch Alan Partridge with now?

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