Saturday, October 12

Smiling, despite

because a train
travels miles before
my stop

& the arrested become free;their footsteps
submitting the stuttering edge

of movement down
toward the pointed
&& I board—next to

some Polish lovers
cut last night themselves on a stray knife
in kitchen sink bubbles & cling
(now) for dear life, even on
this hectic tube
their October warm breath on woolen shoulders

Something forgotten upon a mother reading
a well-fingered Jewish Struggle book to her fidget;
whose eyes only to dart

the Hammersmith City
pink centipede

My opposite beauty blonde is tied back &
a skull of obsessive compulsive structure,
I notice, is fitting something
of a cry into this drilled passage

Blotting the almonds
she hides her,

stemming the mascara fingers

& looking looks not seeing or stares
but points the blue where to the contact
is not eyed but the cause is blurred
(a phone gripped, the blotting black blotted
skin of a handkerchief)

at second stop, she smiles at the Jewish Struggle mother
offers her seat
bows out & blots

smiling, despite;

Then, next, I must alight
& the scene to leave.

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