Sunday, April 6

The Time I Only Wore Nail Varnish

the time I only
wore nail varnish
I thought—
‘it can get any

& trembling
put friend’s
my nail varnish
on all black
shone white shining;

I stood back to view

caught doing things
in the dinner hall
all stenched up by slop
& those sandwiches
my mother made me

; non-uniform, her sad
eyes brownly bright
back at me & the
speedy burst of her
milky bosom, we matching,

no sooner dried than I’s
painted by black of
another kind & staring
out of sad eye bluely bright
of my own; this school
madness I sighed up for
never—too fragile to leave
it’s of to just become; it

chipped off after four nights
& thought I only of that time
then the pair of us, the time
I only wore nail varnish.

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