Friday, July 11


these words red wine;
please them read responsibly,
don’t read them & drive a
car or small an aircraft

if you should read this too much
don’t speak to your love lest you
confess much too love or dirty
please them once you’ve forgotten

don’t read this & miss your stop
as though your stop were
a boy
a girl
a fallen against swing over
the park

if you this read poem before
sleep & work is the morrow :
stay in late bed, & aspirin,
peer at ceiling; curse these
words as enemies of
bathtime accompaniment

if you read this as your lover
entices you to bed, should these
words make your organ numb,
persist until you must sleep

apologies at the price your
offy charged for this poem(
it is not worth it ) so
put it down
stay sober
stay sober as television
sets linked arms
dramatic fireworks
those things

words these this is wine
& arithmetic for nights lonely
( consume carefully) going sum
the answer is elegant
these this words is wine
as I am the inventor of merlot

too tired to be original
tasting vineyard soil
& putting this down in an
effort for to once fall asleep
& leave the glass
by the fridge for morning’s washing.

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