Sunday, October 26

Hard Water

in twenty-one days it’s out
of run & slipped
fragile to the bin
— bathroom under sink, around all spattered
with hard water — the
calendar no particular
start date just days
of three letter days
as roman days
that three letters eulogised
the time so happens when
makeup is down
boss eyes cotton
was blackened
now to peer nude up over the mirror lip
& this is how now turns to then
rectangular calendar she keeps
on the cistern she keeps in a glass bowl
Another day not sex the world to turn as atlas
twirls his romantic passions
( point of entry)
Well, slowly the impact upon
the toilet is too much
& I unswallowing I
the pills disappear
the weeks become 3 months
then 6 the hospital gates
The spot nodding at nature;
Life I lead is by her motioning blister
all round around, arrows urging
beginning but stammerammering
& dripping not blooming but going again
( again & again again )
the blue blister of hers over the bathroom toilet.

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