Saturday, December 27

Medieval Village Excitement

underneath fine ironed white work shirt the scabs lie
of general patterns inline & five;
My simple fingers feel out their routes
get tangled those branches & see

‘Ee!’ I made a call as they became new fresh
little branches on my flesh & shallow
fro quick were to – Medieval village excitement
the witching nails she burrowed into my skin

If in an office here thee lay I lie & fiddle scabs
through boredom as stench to remember
because to dwell in there that fucking we
fought is liking I’m love her manhandle

keep her In deeper I hip bone beat her thighs
& thicker do the fingernail routes bleed; she used to
bite her nails; ‘don’t spare the whip’ ralph cifaretto
Go & I go together bleating out the

orgasm her blue full-stop fingers fall
the pillow It’s just White fiddly white on the riverbank
Pale splattered toothpaste the mirror kicks back
lines of pink that soon harden – catch white cotton.

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