Sunday, January 11

Me Not Him

I am sorry that
me not him

that me not him is good looks
the bent light is backward
that been shoulder nuzzle is
so snug

that me not him
is happiness & sorry I’m

all plans of life & gladness is
him not me &
his young people good looks I would
like be to a better person than
am I but he not

Rude sort of naff feelings
turn up at the breakfast table
it is as is that I’s not you
what’s expected:
the babies & the bells
in no order—

& for pushing you
out the love for me
not he

You’ll get there But I’s sorry
he not me is where you be
& when you go I love you
course down the street I love
you; & round the fire that
eats up me not he Pillows are white
where lay he not me & I am
going nowhere, but writing
& not loving adequately he not me.

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