Sunday, March 1

Us So far

I THINK THIS IS my favourite photograph of us so far, though we are not really in it. It would be awful, I think, to have my face in my favourite photograph of us. This was taken early days, back when I only had one chair in my flat. Mostly she sat on the chair – gentleman that I am – and I sat at her feet. It was comfortable enough. You cannot measure the pleasure I got in undressing her delicate feet, so small and flawless!
Another memory attached to this photograph is putting a cartoon on the television that did not amuse her. I was sat on the sofa in front of her, so she was in a position to pull out my sex and to begin massaging it. Absentmindedly she toyed with it until I wept all over her hand. Focus on the cartoon. Prolong the affair. It was most difficult. Understanding that pleasure and pain are delicious in equal measure, she tormented me from delicate strokes to the most vigorous pummelling and did not let up; rip it off; own it, why don’t you. No-one can hold out forever. In front of the silly cartoon, she aimed it so that I showered myself. Exhausting. I sat back against her.
So when I see this photograph, I think of that, too. But it is my most favourite photograph of us so far. As long as my face is not in it.

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