Tuesday, October 6

black onion seeds in my teeth I am tasting
but not bed yet, no bed is alone a mattress

it is raining, darling, under
we the same rain it’s down as bigger drops
from the streetlights fall?

I am not long;
not as a dentist tool or
a puddle from burst mains

but a shadow that weeps
toward the morning
where fresher segment of time all crystalline
is coolly fizz –

should I like to cast off? it is
magnificent sings in blue
although it is not for me as not
for some & I am one am some

you hear the raindrops? they are a
sombre pop-song from much younger me
in slush puppy nineties
but, please, mistake not the rains
for unwelcome something as
they splash around the
potted plants by that I
keep my open window.

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