Thursday, July 21

Burnt Tubes

She & I had fireworks
that we saved for
after tapas &
londinium walks

Just seesaw drunks
with fireworks we
knocked teeth to sparks;

on smiles held
our matches close –

we paused;

I out my tongue
as she lit up
sizzled ,came out
from flowerbed the
first puff of light on
fireworks’ night

Is her laugh( under
rolling pale cloud
) too thick on thighs

She licked her lips
to put rockets skyward

Everything silence
before the bangs,
her claws in the grass
& jaw in the hills

That’s her own valley
where upon magnesium
blew & flew sprinkled
rained her roman candle

Her last firework at

Our ears ringing
over burnt tubes
& smother the grass we lay.

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