Thursday, December 29


An album, the time it takes to fuck
;off legs pushing jeans& dresses
over head you of falling hair to put lip-
pieces back together again We leave
love upon the dresser ,the album
replays our bodies in different
positions, wetter, less intact

You wave yr disneyeyes at me
Down the street of our home I
stop at the foot of some mermaid-less streetlight
for it is spring, in love

Looking this way & that across
petrol station forecourt, avoiding
morning fumes The kerb is disjointed
, disconnected from its neighbour,
uneven Am I already invading love
songs with yr name about two slim
one curvaceous the final hair
covering its disneyeye, brushed away?

Each time we argue I can learn
another song for you—
my fingers don’t mind the bother;
though my other organs
smeared dumbly across
the new jersey turnpike
( until you spread my dinner
upon our wooden table)

But over&over the gold held shut
, sixties lettering , a chin upheld
after it’s serious this you’ve got
a hold on it but the courage is
circles yoked in circles;
to say you’re mine

Yr guessing game
played with a camera
of you nude in the kitchen,
preaching like a flower
yr two petals upheld

While raised windows( sash)
cleared air I perfume you
with beaches blue & white seas

Put each month into a week
& throw it over the district line, at
whitechapel where mostly westbound the
car rattles You could not see the morning
bright as me, the passengers shifting here
an inch & applying mascara skilfully
they fought the disneyeyes &wept
renaissance paintings of gibberish & loss

The difference is I
don’t wake up that early &
then go back to sleep
The difference is : I
learned the meaning of our word
( sans dictionary)

Pub garden furniture of freckled
youth is rimmed certainly around
the coffee release of the 09:45 from
euston In fine strips of landscape
I simmer in buzzing to see bloom her soon

Just us we jut into forever, subject to
the tin metronome of loveless lullabies
that keep me awake at night(wide-eyed:awake)
—lover’s names carved into my tree

‘That thing’ you called it( a capital
letter in there somewhere)
A capital city where we two made
our bed & That thing you called
it visiting hospitals restaurants &
museums we alive That thing.

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